Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Margiela + H&M

In honor of the now surfacing Margiela x H&M ad campaign, here are a bunch of my favorite Margiela-centric photographs shot by Mark Borthwick. Most are from the book, 2001-1 (which you can buy me here). The last two images are from Purple Mag circa 2000.  Yep, that's a young Ms. Sevigny modeling MMM's oversized Size74 Collection.

 What do you all think about the collab? Do you think The House of Margiela has sold 0ut and conformed? Or is this whole new democratization of 'high fashun' refreshing? Are toddlers going to be wearing Crew Cuts parkas and Margiela + H&M accessories? Will there be shoes because i probably will need them in a size 37.5? Is H&M going to get their version of the Tabi boot and if so is the world going to criticize it for selling things that vaguely resemble the female genitalia? 

Regardless of my opinion, I'm pretty curious to see how the design and aesthetic of MMM will be translated into the world of commercial, fast fashion.


New Shoes in Town said...

Wow I've never looked at the Tabis resembling that before... I just always called them my hooves or ninja shoes. Like you, I hope the collab has shoes too! x


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