Monday, October 8, 2012

jardin des orangers | luxe homie

The sudden drop in temperature in NY has got me reaching for my warm, cozy jumpers and sweaters. Which brings me to my newest brand crush alert: Jardin des Orangers. Lovely cashmere pieces in classic styles, cuts and colors, I want it all! 
 Worthy of up close examination is this dreamy lounging set including a drawstring hoodie and long john-ny pantaloons. I don't think I would ever take it off. My routine Sunday Bum-Around Afternoons would be that much more relaxing and productive. I'm not even talking about the possibility of taking this bad boy out into the world, perhaps under a casual fur... (luxuriously homeless < 3) incase I needed, I don't know, food or something. Next necessary step after purchasing would be obtaining this Alligator Backpack from The Row. Notice I say obtain, not purchase. You may have to steal it, borrow it or give birth to it, because it will set you back $34,000.

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