Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Parka by Irving of Montreal at Saks, Vogue, Dec 1950 | Waterproof mittens by White Stag at Lord & Taylor,  "zippered so you can keep mittens on, still get at cigarettes, tow tickets," Vogue, Dec 1950

"Paris, this winter, gives a new ballet flavour to the ski-run. Offers: a new look to legs, in pants of black gabardine, tight as tights. A new look to ankles, in red leather straps laced high like a dancer's." Carven, Vogue, Dec 15, 1946

"White rawhide thong (like those in your boots) threads the sack-neck of this black nylon parka; easily pulled on, pulled close." Vogue, Dec 1950

Nylon jacket with removable hood by White Stag at Bloomingdales, Vogue, Dec 1950 | Parka with emblems of Swiss cantons by Irving of Montreal at Saks, Vogue, Dec 1950

"A lift from a Swiss milkman's jacket" by Picard of Sun Valley Idaho at Bloomingdales, Vogue, Dec 1950

Alpaca cape coverall "worn between runs. With collar that's almost a hood." Vogue, Jan 1947

Vogue Paris, 1953? | Lanvin ensemble, Vogue Paris, Jan 1938 

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