Sunday, January 12, 2014

samantha & vanessa traina

 The Traina sisters both have a recognizable style that could be pegged as the semi-ubiquitous (maybe even semi-annoying at this point) term, 'minimalist.' But it's true! They choose garments and styles that tend to veer on the reductive, restrained and simplistic side. At times their aesthetic can be a bit austere and serious for my taste, but they undoubtedly possess a keen eye for the details in dressing. Ie: choosing smart proportions and cuts and gravitating towards the finest materials/fabrics.

The two looks above are pretty perfect in my book. Samantha's snowy white, double-breasted jacket, envelops her in the chicest way with its carved volume, curved hem and soft sloped shoulder. It has a certain 50s/60s quality but is simultaneously contemporary and modern. I *believe* it's by Balenciaga. 

Also loving Vanessa's mid-rise, straightleg jeans that off-set her slick paneled blouse (also by Balenciaga). That relaxed, easy denim silhouette has been on my mind for quite some time. I have a pair of thrifted J.Crew's from the early 2000s that I'm wearing to death lately. Vanessa's are probably old Levis or a vintage pair. Acne makes a style pretty similar (that seems to be selling extremely well) called the Pop Betty.
 [vanessa jackman, tfs]

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