Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stan Smiths

In January I watched Fern Mallis' Q&A with Marc Jacobs (part of the Fashion Icons conversation series) at the 92nd St. Y. Though the talk kept me somewhat entertained, I became distracted by his Adidas Stan Smith sneakers--a known Jacobs signature and favorite--worn with a tailored suit. It really got me thinking about my associations with the shoe (I wore the striped shelltoes for years as a kid) and how classic and timeless it actually is.

First introduced in 1964, they were the first leather tennis shoe. Countless styles and versions have been released and reissued over the years (see: these beauts), but the three perforated lines that make the design so unique have remained unaltered. My favorites are the vintage ones with thick, gummy soles. 

When I attended Anderson Cooper's talk show a couple of years ago to be a part of the audience (#1 super fan girl forever and ever), I was randomly seated next to his French boyfriend (please do not read too hard into the fact that I recognized him) who I noticed was also wearing Stan Smiths. His were worn in, a little bit scuffed up in a good way. I wondered how long he had them for and if he beat them up intentionally. He caught me staring at his feet, maybe even my not so subtle head-toe once/twice-over, got a lil uncomfortable and edged away from me. 
 While it is a classic menswear shoe, the female appropriation is so cool to me with the obvious tomboy vibes. Take Pheobe Philo for instance. I think we can all agree she really can do no wrong. 

 The Sartorialist posted a photo last week of a very stylish girl rocking them.  Most comments are like 'wtf did she get dressed in the dark,' but I am very much in love with the look and its proportions, not to mention the interesting mixing of fur.


lola said...

Those are great... but not my favourite the moment I'm waiting for my new dreamy Adidas sneakers:)

Amanda said...

Love my Stan Smiths! Such a classic