Monday, March 4, 2013

ear baubles

The personal memoir of my life to date could have many possible titles, one being Bare Lobes Since the Mid Aughts. It's true. I haven't worn earrings in years. Tracing my ear adorning history begins with my initial piercing at Limited Too (which wins the prize for the fondest retail shop experience of my entire youth) at age 10.  The moment I was able to switch from my first pair of crystalized studs, I amassed quite a vast and flamboyant collection from LT and Claires. There were the costumey 'mod' pairs with dangling geometric shapes, chandeliers in every material thinkable, and hoops of all sizes. It was a fun, transitional period of my growing up where I made a drastic switch from zipoff cargo pants-wearing tomboy  -- >girly girl. My older sister worked at Contempo Casuals at the mall, which also opened my eyes to the possibilities of accessorizing.  I remember rifling through her witchy goth baubles in her metal Contempo jewelry box, which had a furry zebra print lid (literally all the textures and fabrics in there were nuts). 
Owned these in fuschia.

Anyway, post sassy earring phase, my 'natural' phase began, ushered by my first flea market trip in Reading, Massachusetts (my mind was blown and life kinda changed forever/I have loved vintage ever since). Lots of turquoise, topaz, malachite, and sterling silver hung from my ears during those days. However, at some point in high school, I abandoned earrings altogether, focusing my attention on the pilings-on of  costume and cocktail rings and bracelets. There was even a point around 2007 when I briefly became obsessed with the wrappy styles of CC Skye (especially that bracelet that Nicole Richie probably made love to) and Disney Couture. My, how things have changed. Though I still really like cocktail rings.

Up until recently, I've been completely content with my undecorated ears.  But I gotta say, lately, I've been considering earrings once again. While it may still take me some time to actually make the jump, in the meantime feasting my eyes on contemporary and vintage inspiration doesn't hurt.  

1. Ashley Olsen / I don't really have to say that anything she or her sister wears or designs is great, right? 
2. Ladylike elegance at Rochas FW13
3. Ursina Gysi, stylist, with the most incredible sensibility, wearing a Byzantine-inspired pair 
4. Delicate and pretty offerings, pierced by J.Colby Smith at New York Adorned.

Bold, graphic styles I can see myself wearing with old, thin, flimsy t-shirts and simple crew neck knits.   

1. Atelier Munsteine rectangles
2. 1940s gold/blue domes
3. Marina B 1987 triangle hoops
4. Victorian era tassle drops
All via 1st Dibs

Beautiful and eccentric styles that heavily point to my love and fascination for all things fashion related in the 1930s. 

1. Schiaparelli 'ear' cuff, Jan 1938, Harper's Bazaar  
2. 'African in feeling', Jay Thorpe, March 1938, Harper's Bazaar 
3. Three Boivin pairs, July 1936 Vogue
4. Boivin spirals, 1934, Corbis
5. Tiffany & Co, March 1938, Harper's Bazaar
6. 'Japanese lanterns', Herz, March 1938, Harper's Bazaar
7. Nautilus clips, Boivin, 1934, Corbis 

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Camille said...

How odd, I've just gone through the same line of thoughts concerning earrings! I'm still looking for a few perfect pairs, either teeny tiny (and not too expensive) or larger and costume-like. But above all, the vintage photos really make me want to make myself a few extravagant pairs like I used to.