Tuesday, January 29, 2013

American Beauties

I'm a little bit in love with this photo of Mama Hilton & brood. It's this very staged, deliberate, posed portrait. Along with the conservative decor and matchy, coordinated pink wardrobe, it's quite the funny mix with the amount of pouty angst displayed by Nicky and Paris (who were 17 and 19 at the time the picture was taken).

So many comments, where to begin? Kathy's frozen, forced half-smile.  Her shameless yet stoic, engagement-ring-forward-and-into-the-spotlight pose. Nicky's general indifference and dazed, spacy stare. Paris' intense chair grip and sad contemplation face. "No one understands me..." or "Why Did I mix all 6 of those party favors last night" seem like plausible thoughts going through her mind.   

What's greater is the image of either girl wearing those looks today.  I propose a 2013 reintroduction of said ensembles. Mid-late 90s Narciso Rodriguez and Birkenstocks for Paris and Jil Sander and Pringle of Scotland for Nicky. It could lead to a really wild new alt jolt to their careers. Soon V and i-D would come calling for feature spreads, and eBay or Colette would probably want a collaboration. If anything, a new friendship ensuing with Leelee Sobieski seems pretty likely. 

If I had a walk-in pantry in my imaginary house in the Hamptons, I would hang a framed version of this photo there. Right above my very own personalized title (cursive letters engraved in gold), Family Comes And Goes, But The Color Pink is Forever.
 [Sarah Jones photo, Vogue March 2000]

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Velvet said...

as paris would say: ''that's hot.''