Thursday, December 20, 2012

Entering my 20s marked a new-found love and appreciation for all things home products and interior design. This throw's definitely a splurge at close to $500, but will definitely stay in my Apartment Inspo folder.

A little bit punk and a little bit Tom Binns.

No words.

Its scale is that of a real life-size donut...

Palm Springs remains to be one of my all time favorite places. What better reminder is there than owning a Doisneau-lensed photo book? Backyard Oasis has been on my Wish List since last January. Nothing sounds more appealing to me than flipping through these on a wintery Sunday, nested under many blankets and covers whilst sipping on warm tea.

7. Frames in general. (These are from Theo Gennitsakis' home via The Ultimate Living Space Porn Site, Freunde von Freunden.)

I'm an analog kid at heart, but I mean, come on, it's 2012 and this Lumix is too pretty not to want.

I'm tired of seeing all these ladies on Into The Gloss with their organized cosmetics and makeup (Not to mention their post-candle Diptyque containers). I really do need to follow suit. The Muji website offers slim pickings, so if you live in NYC or San Francisco, an in-store trip is a must.

11. Planters and plants! (These belong to the founders of the amazing handbag line, Building Block.)

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