Friday, August 24, 2012

old is new

Don't these styles and designs look so modern? Part of the reason why I love digging through archives and old photographs isn't because I necessarily am stuck in the past, but because I think that's the way to predict and understand what is to come. The oversized, wrappy overcoats in the first two images are desperately calling for newer reinterpretations by Opening Ceremony. The fisherman ladies in image three are wearing aprons most likely made of some heavy-duty, waterproof material strong enough to repel dirt and grime. Yet, the shape is very much like the pinafore dress, which is ultra feminine and definitely on my mind lately. Also presently looming in my brain: Matching separates (top+bottom), pajama-inspired garb, and simple hats with surrealistic or exaggerated details.

1. Schiaparelli Coat, 1947, L’Officiel De La Mode 
2.  Early 1900s? 
3 + 5. National Geographic Fashion by Cathy Newman
4. 1940s Vogue

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Camille said...

Matching separates have been very much on my mind too. At first glance, they're like dresses or jumpsuits, but more practical since you can either wear them together or with other things. I found three vintage sets of the kind so far, but I'm still looking for the perfect one.