Sunday, May 22, 2011

real life fashun

I had an omg, cutesy (barf) moment during a consignment appointment at work today. Some ladybird in a size 10 didn't want these puppies any more (WHY!?). 

Look familiar?

Oh, hey Carrie Bradshaw circa 2000! I remember when you tried those Manolos on at that patisserie while people were eating. But it was totally fine/acceptable/polite since it was out of the sheer excitement of wearing them in front of that skanky ass ho, Natasha (Big's wifey at the time). Also this is irrelevant but Charlotte ordered a fruit cup, like wTf?

What's more sad, the fact that I find these shoes still 'cool' or the fact that I could reference that episode the minute I saw them?


Amy said...



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discotheque confusion said...

man, I thought my attention to SATC detail was good but no..

I hope you bought them?

etoilee8 said...

I didn't even realize the reference. Carrie made it acceptable for me to spend money like a manwoman and justify it each and every time. Thanks SATC.