Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday 411

make gif animation

1.Wearing my hair wavy for the first time since I chopped it off.
2. I really like the new BRIT song. I'm also on a huge Robyn kick too.
3. I would like to show the world my feet; it's time for sandal weather.
4.  Netflix has My So-Called Life on Watch Instantly AND Rugrats.
5. There is a tumblr called dazedorsomething and it is most definitely not mine.


Stephanie Cafarella said...

you. gif'd. yourself.

dazed said...

Imma gif you next

Ashley said...

I wish I were technologically literate enough to learn how to make GIFs. I don't have the patience... but I did teach myself HTML when I was 13... hm.
I love wavy hair. Mine tends to resemble dreads, however.
I love your posts, they are short, to the point and so clever!

Amy said...

Liking the Weave.Yar