Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nick Moss

Spent most of the day at my school library, leafing through old back-issues of my favorite magazines. It's almost hard to believe that I have access to almost any issue of any publication I would ever want to see... The benefits of going to fashion school I guess? Mostly, I started going through 90s issues of The Face. It's going to take a while for me to even make a dent on the first half of the decade. I managed to scan a bunch of photos today and I definitely plan on posting them here. I was so psyched going through each issue, since it's so fahcking difficult to find scans of editorials on The Fashion Spot or online in general. I'll start by sharing this interview with Kate Moss' brother (WHO WAS A MODEL TOO, hai did you know that?) from the 1992 August issue. The photo was shot by Corinne Day. Click to enlarge! 
A tid-bit worthy of note: Interviewer asks: Do you think you're good-looking? Nick answers: Not Really [at this point his friend Zoe starts laughing loudly, and Nick kicks her to keep her quiet]. I don't! I'm not vain at all [Zoe continues laughing].

And here's a photo of Nick and Kate modeling together in the December 1992 issue of Harper's Bazaar, shot by Mario Testino. Click to enlarge this one as well.

[The Face pages scanned by yours truly, HB photo via tfs, scanned by Alien Sex Friend]

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garçon said...

and you forgot to mention Mario Sorrenti, on the "boat". He was then a "model", and was Kate's boyfriend.